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South Park Reel Chaos Touch Mobile Slot Review

NetEnt’s South Park Reel Chaos Touch is a mobile slot based on the popular cartoon about a group of school friends in a small Colorado town. Designed for ease of play on touchscreen smartphones and tablets, the slot has five reels and 20 paylines. Continue reading “South Park Reel Chaos Touch Mobile Slot Review”

Guide to South Park Touch Mobile Slot

With five reels and 25 paylines, South Park Touch is a mobile video slot from software developer NetEnt. Developed together with South Park Studios, the game includes bonus features, characters, animations, and sound clips.

The bonus features that enhance the classic gameplay include two different Wild symbols, three themed mini games, four bonus character features, and free spins. Continue reading “Guide to South Park Touch Mobile Slot”

Are Aristocrat Slots Games Worth Playing?

Of all the games that you can find online to play, online casino games offer the largest amount of choice, especially when it comes to online slots games. The amount of slots games, games styles, pay lines and bonus features that are available online is just staggering, so how does one choose which of these game developers produce the best casino games? It’s impossible to try them all, so why not let us choose for you. After all, we have had plenty of time and the resources to try most of the online slots games out there, it’s our job after all!

Continue reading “Are Aristocrat Slots Games Worth Playing?”

Europa, Fastengine, Playtech

Europa Online Casino

Europa Casino is an online casino that is licensed by the Antigua and Barbuda Directorate of Offshore Gaming. This company, as well as the independent Gaming Laboratories International, both provide tests and checks on the casino to ensure it operates fairly. It is owned by the Imperial E-Club Ltd Company and was established in 2003. Continue reading “Europa, Fastengine, Playtech”

Casino and Slot Machine Software

Some of the most advanced casino sites have had the ability to set brand new gambling trends. This is why these top online casinos are sought out by so many players. In order to be considered a top-of-the-range online betting and gaming facility, these online casinos have had to ensure the best in ease of use, accessibility and winning potential. If the software these casinos had had had had limitations, this would have prevented them keeping up with a constantly evolving market. Continue reading “Casino and Slot Machine Software”

Throwing Light on Jewel Box Online Slots

The Jewel Box online slots game has a number of bonus features that are available to players. As with many other popular online slots games, this game also includes a wild symbol. The wild symbol can be used to substitute for any other symbol. This in turn gives players a greater chance of being able to achieve a winning row. Based on the number that shows on the wild symbol, a player’s winnings will be multiplied by this number. As such, a win could for instance, by increased from 50 coins to 250 coins without too much fuss. Continue reading “Throwing Light on Jewel Box Online Slots”

Reviewing Alibaba Online Slot from Leander Games

Leander Games presents Alibaba slot that is an online casino game based on the famous medieval leader of forty thieves. Alibaba and his forty thieves is an Arabic tale that features high in the imagery of this online slot. The symbols include the iconic thief himself, who happens to award the biggest pay out, as well as a belly dancing slave girl; a bandit who is presumably one of the forty thieves a cobra; a camel; a monkey; a scarab beetle and various other themed paraphernalia like a flute; drum; ring; dagger and more. Continue reading “Reviewing Alibaba Online Slot from Leander Games”

Slots Angels Online Slot Reviewed for Internet Gamblers

Slots Angels from BetSoft Gaming is a 3D video slot machine game that has 5 reels and 30 paylines. The game has a strong biker theme, and you could actually assume that it was based on the very popular Hells Angels biker club. Slots Angels has a few enticing features including a scatter symbol, a bonus round and a jackpot of 1 500 coins. Continue reading “Slots Angels Online Slot Reviewed for Internet Gamblers”

Online casino experiences

Online Casino Experiences to Improve your Game Play

Sharing experiences with others is generally something people do very well, especially if they are negative. However many people also choose to share their positive experiences, especially if they happen to have benefitted them greatly in one-way or another.

One arena where sharing experiences is incredibly popular is online and when it comes to casinos, players are even more willing to recommend or slate the sites that they’ve come across. Continue reading “Online casino experiences”